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    Project Manager
    The above 1, bachelor's degree degree;
    2, more than 5 years petrochemical engineering design experience and project management experience in petrochemical field;
    3, familiar with petrochemical project operation process, can be organized to solve major problems in installation engineering design, procurement, construction;
    4, at least as the above 2 and medium-sized projects or project management office, have strong communication and organizational ability, coordination ability, decision-making ability and language expression ability;
    5, proficiency in English is preferred;
    6, registered Chemical Engineers (registered Petroleum Engineer) practising certificate is preferred.

    Production operator

    Job responsibilities:
    1, according to the production order, complete the post production work, strictly implement the production operation regulations in daily operation, to ensure product quality, control the production cost, ensure safety in production;
    2, according to the provisions of the succession and tour inspection, discover in time and handle all kinds of abnormal production;
    3, timely, accurate, standardized fill in batch record report, material flow, tour inspection table, handing over records and other kinds of technology record.
    1, male, college degree or above, more than 1 years of chemical enterprise production line operation experience is preferred;
    2, and can adapt to shift work (four class three system);
    3, steady, has the sense of responsibility and team spirit;
    4, fresh chemical mechanical and electrical college, undergraduate, master's graduates can also be considered. (2013, 2014 graduates can).

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